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We deliver design that inspire, innovate and interact !

For aspiring individuals, who needs value and branded experience for their estate, Epoch India is an architectural and branding service delivering design that inspire, innovate and interact. Like any other architectural service but unlike any other, we aim for experiential, on time delivery.


Explore Our Designs

Take a virtual tour to understand the projects proposed by us at Epoch India. Our latest work includes the proposed Hyperloop & HSR Mixed-Use Transportation Hub and Restructuring Anand Vihar Multi Modal Transit Hub. We encourage you to contact us if you think you’d like to work with us. We’re here to turn concepts into realities.

April 22, 2020

The vision is to create a gateway which not only helps in the smooth functioning of the city but create its identity. The design aims to express movement and importance of urban infrastructure through its futuristic architecture, scale and program.

December 12, 2019

The vision was to create an integrated mutli modal transit hub that enriches a smooth functioning of the city and simultaneously redefining legibility of Anand Vihar precinct and improving the quality of public realm.

January, 2017

Shunning the traditional engineering techniques and architectural practises, our team dissected the very concept of coalescence of arriving and departing passengers and separated them like it would be done at an airport.





December 2, 2018

The design is an outcome of an inspiration from the icon of interconnected living. The design evolved by stacking horizontal volumes upon one another , in a way that it maintains the structural intergrity as well as connects with the adjucent wood block creating mass & void that progamatically acts as living & recreation spaces. The stacked volumes creats a band of shade to level below allowing the outdoor recreation program to be useable during day, considering the harsh climate of delhi.

December 12, 2019

The design approach was to design an experience which relates to the stories of people that work there. productivity of a person can be increased through its architecture. when kept in an enviroment where there is both the work space as well as outer green space, they can connect and work more effeciently. the work pattern has since been everchanging; thinking of an idea of how the space of working can be different.

We encourage you to contact us if you think you'd like to work with us. We are here for you.