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The Story behind

Sanjay Garg Residence

A home in the Trans Yamuna Region

Residence, New Delhi

Architect : Mehul Jain

Team Member : Himanshu Lihala

Area : 3580 Sqft

Year : 2021

How we got here

Our story of how we got the project.

A project carved out of love and support of a dear friend. Hustling to bring in new prospects, this project emerged and created a foundation of our design studio. "A residence set in the trans yamuna region" is a thing that still resonates in our heart, that was beating fast. Thanking, Sabyasachi sir for refering us with the project. Thanks, Preksha.

How we started

Master Toilet Sketch
Terrace Garden
Bedroom Sketch
Toilet Sketch

Things that happened at the Architect's desk.

Being set in a high density residential colony, where building masses are squeezed to give a linear plan, cutting out fenestration from sides and leaving a constraint of natural ventilation only through the main facia, this project explores the possibility to bring in natural light to the dark inner living space through a vertical void making space for staircase allowing some quality light through the tinted glass. The residence is designed in three floors and a terrace portraying a transition of a modern home to an ethnic setting as we go up. The walls being finished with a stone textures, the floor carved in wooden planks, patterned tiles and the doors fabricated in horizontal veneers which brings together a transitional theme from modern to traditional.

What we produce.

Find the Architectural floor plans, elevation and other details that gets the work done on site.

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Terrace Floor Plan
Front Elevation
Master Bedroom Elevation A
Master Bedroom Elevation B
Master Bedroom Elevation C
Master Bedroom Elevation D
Master Toilet Elevation
Living Elevation C
Living Elevation B
Living Elevation A
Kitchen Elevation A
Kitchen Elevation B
Kitchen Elevaton C
Daughter's Toilet Elevation C

What you see.

A glimpse of the project gallery and how you will feel at the site.

Terrace 2
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Master Bedroom 1
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Master Toilet 2
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Son Bedroom 3
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Daughter's Toilet
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Living Room 1
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Daughter Toilet 4
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Master Toilet 3
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Son Bedroom 1
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Client Review

Let's read what our client, Mr Sanjay Garg has to say about the experience.

Mr Sanjay Garg

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Mr Sanjay Garg

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.