How to Choose your Finish Material!

This blog help you to understand the different aspects one should analyze before selecting a finish material for an interior project
How to Choose your Finish Material

Are you planning to build your dream home? Or planning to switch up your current interiors but confused about where to start?

There are many things to consider before fixing the materials of your space; be it walls, floors, or ceilings. Finish materials, along with the style and furnishing, play a significant role in creating a desired atmosphere in an interior space. The architectural context must always be kept in mind, whatever be the project.

One needs to be smart and well-informed of their options in order to get a perfect combination. Here are 4 criteria on how to choose the apt Finish Materials for your interiors!

1) Functional Criteria

The most important aspect while selecting a finish material is to understand if the product is fulfilling your functional need or not. You need to ask your designer about the safety, health, and comfort factors of the finish material. Understanding the durability of the finish material depending upon its anticipated use is vital. You must understand its ease of cleaning, maintenance and repair. How easy is it to clean said finish material? How much maintenance is required for a particular finish and how easy is it to repair in case of any damage?

You want your finish material to comply with the minimum fire standard laws. Learn about the fire resistance properties from your vendor and whether it has the appropriate acoustic properties and appropriate levels of insulation.

These questions must be asked to your designers or the vendor you are purchasing the Finish Material from. Only then can you make an informed decision.

This image describes the functional aspects one should look into while deciding their finish material for home interior or any other interior design project.
Functional Criteria for Finish Material

2) Aesthetic Criteria

While understanding whether the finish material is functionally feasible according to your need is important, aesthetics must also be put to question during selection. Everyone wants the selected combination of finishes to be aesthetically pleasing. You must ask yourself what nature of the finish you prefer!

There can be Natural Finishes, which provide you with natural colors; or Applied Finishes can be put on different elements. Whether it's natural or applied, one must choose their combinations wisely depending upon their unique style.

Apart from color, texture and pattern also play a crucial role in defining the mode of the setting. It adds a feel and gives a spirit to the space. There are many types of finishes with different textures and patterns which fulfills different needs, as well as help with the aesthetics of the space. While these things vary with different choices of design styles, you must figure out your own personal preference.

This images protrays the different criteria's one should focus on while selecting a finish material
Aesthetic Criteria of Finish Material

3) Economic Criteria

Economic criteria should also be considered while selecting the finish material. You should understand and calculate the initial cost of acquisition and installation of the material. Ask your designer to make a BOQ (Bill of Quantities) and specification for your interior project. Compare the cost structure of different alternatives. Ask and learn about the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of materials and products, including environmental and health impacts of the finish material, from acquisition of raw material through end-of-use recovery.

It illustrates what economic factors one should consider while selecting a finish material.
Economic Criteria for Finish Material

4) Sustainable Criteria

Let's take a step towards sustainability, together.

Next time you get your interiors done, ask your designer about the sustainability factors of the finishes. If you are renovating your interiors, learn how you can minimize the use of new material and reuse the existing material. Explore finishes which are made of recycled things. Ask your designer or vendor if the products are certified sustainable materials or not? Choose a finish which has the minimum chance of waste in construction, installation, and packaging. Learn how much embodied energy is used in the processing and shipment of the material.

This is to spread an awarness to use sustainavle finish material which have low environmental impacts. Use can learn about LEED, GRIHA, IGBC and other different rating systems to make your interior project a green and sustainable project.
Sustainable Deesign Criteria

These are the 4 most important factors that you must understand before you select your finish materials for your interiors. Whether it's your home, office, or restaurant- these criteria will help you check off all the points!

The functional criteria of the finishes that you are likely to use will change according to the space; the aesthetics will be guided by your style; and the economic criteria will be guided by your budget. Often, people only research the first three criteria and move on with their project, but they miss out on the most crucial and pressing one: Sustainability.

The year is 2021. It is now time to take responsibility for our actions and our choices. Do your research on the chemical and carbon emission of the product/brand you decide to purchase. Fret not that your aesthetics will be compromised in doing so. We have many environmental friendly options in our industry.

If you are still deciding on what style or aesthetic you want your interiors to be, read about the different styles of Interior Design and learn about your options!


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