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April 22, 2020

The vision is to create a gateway which not only helps in the smooth functioning of the city but create its identity. The design aims to express movement and importance of urban infrastructure through its futuristic architecture, scale and program.


Technology is advancing at accelerating rates which results a change in the way human functions. Due to rapid urbanization and high influx of humans, cities are in a resurgence in population growth which aides the transportation systems to simultaneously expand, improve and innovate. The resultant effects aims to have intercity travel becoming faster, safer, cheaper and more convenient. We haven't had a major new form of transport in 100 years, and we are due for one, especially a technology that is ultra-fast, cheaper, on-demand, direct, energy efficient, emission-free, quiet and has a smaller foot print than other high-speed transport modes. A growing economy requires a faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient transportation mode. With the introduction of novel concept of Hyperloop and High Speed Railway as a mean of travel, a newfound interest has been sparkled regarding the future of mass transit systems.

The means of inter and intra city movements is a critical element for defining a cities physical, economical and social characteristics. Mass transit systems are vital not only for a smooth functioning of the city, but also creating its identity. The novel concept of Hyperloop and High speed railway being at the innovation forefront for the transportation system in India, should be complemented with a technologically advanced and optimised built form, The Hyperloop & HSR transportation Hub.

Being a research oriented design project, the thesis aims for research and development of infrastructure of a Hyperloop & HSR Transfer Hub as a mixed use development project, integrating innovation in design approach and technology by using computational design as a medium.


The design centers around and focuses on pedestrain connections and circulation in and around The Hyperloop & HSR Transportation Hub. Hence the transportation hub is surrounded by a continous pathway with breaks at regular intervals to create pedestrain and arrival plazas


Segregation of vehicular internal roads for private and public transport to maintain smooth flow and avoid collisions and traffic. Seperate entrances have been proposed for the segregation of users of International Finance Service Center, Retail Spaces, Transportation Hub and Service Users.


The design follows a hierarchy in the planning of spaces that complements the nature and character of a transportation hub. The adjacent views of the arrival plaza depicts this nature, scale and edge of the building.


Following this hierarchy principle the interior circulation space is divided into both horizontal and vertical layers, creating voids in the mass that is used to guide the movement of people through the building. The adjacent views is the triple height indoor circulation space at the ground floor on the transportation hub. The adjacent diagram reflects upon the vertical internal voids and gives an idea of the vertical division functional program in the design.


The design focuses on the abstraction of transportation hub as a gateway to the city. The voids that extends till the main concourse level of the station and covered by a super roof system that is supported by a tapering column from the centre on the void, gives an abstract of people departing and alighting through this gateway


The roof structure which resembles as the gateway to the city is stretched out throughout the building to create a porch and a separate entrance for the users of international finance service centre. This gives the transportation hub and International Finance

IFSC MLCP Exit.jpg
IFSC Exit_1.jpg
Cover Page.jpg
1-Ground Floor Plan.jpg
2-First & Second Floor Plan.jpg
3-Typical Multi level Car parking Floor
4-Typical International Finance Service
7-Platform Floor Plan.jpg
6-Concourse Floor Plan.jpg


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