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The Story behind

Rosedale Residence

A home set in the city of joy, Kolkata.

Housing Apartment, New Town, Kolkata

Architect : Mehul Jain

Team Member : Kishan Sharma

Area : 1895 Sqft

Year : 2022

How we got here

Our story of how we got the project.

Visiting a friend in kolkata, filled with enthusiasm of sharing my process and work with him, gave me a great satisfaction. What we didn't realize at the point is our passion and enthusiasm was felt and well understood by others, they can see it in your eyes. The very next day, we got a call back asking us to work on a residential project based in Ranchi

How we started

Sister Bedroom Idea
Guest Bedroom Idea
Master Toilet Idea
Parametric False Ceiling
Dining Area Idea
Bedroom Idea
Living Room Parametric Panel
Paramtric Panel
An idea for Kitchen
Island Kitchen

Things that happened at the Architect's desk.

The client has a very simple approach towards the design, they wanted a super minimal house yet which stand out its some spaces in terms of verticality and uniformity.
'Line' is one of the informal rules that interior designers will often follow when creating a room that's well-balanced, proportioned and visually pleasing. The flutted house is a response to the shift in the culture towards fluid design. Linear elements in interior design draw the eye, and can be used to manipulate the way we interpret a space. The use of flutted panel to make a space feel taller or emphasize a high ceiling and make it stand out in the uniformity of pattern and texture. Furniture are used to create horizontal lines, like tables and countertops, and give a space a sense of anchored stability. Vertical Elements like flutted panel helps the room feel taller, and panelling, cladding and shiplap can all be used to enhance height.
Boldness in terms of material and colour is used to engage the eye and stimulate the senses, so are particularly good in accent pieces, like chevron on a rug or lampshade, or a parquet floor or tiled feature wall.

What we produce.

Find the Architectural floor plans, elevation and other details that gets the work done on site.

Room 4 Layout Plan
Room 4 Elevation D
Room 4 Elevation C
Room 4 Elevation B
Room 4 Electrical Layout
Room 3 Layout Plan
Room 3 Elevation D
Room 3 Elevation C
Room 3 Electrical Layout
Room 2 Electrical Layout
Room 2 Layout
Room 2 Elevation C
Room 2 Elevation B
Master Toilet Elevation
Master Toilet layout
Master Toilet Electrical Layout
Master Bedroom Layout
Master Bedroom Elevation C
Master Bedroom Elevation D
Master Bedroom Elevation B
Master Bedroom Electrical Layout
Master Bedroom Corridor Elevation
Living & Dining Elevation D
Living & Dining Layout
Living & Dining Elevation B
Living & Dining Elevation A
Living & Dining Electrical Layout
Kitchen Layout
Kitchen Elevation D
Kitchen Elevation C
Kitchen Electrical Layout
Dining Elevation B
Kitchen Elevation B

What you see.

A glimpse of the project gallery and how you will feel at the site.

Master Bedroom 1
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Master Toilet 2
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Kitchen 2
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Master Bedroom 2
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Master Bedroom 3
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Living Area View 1
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Room 2
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Room 3 View 1
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Guest Toilet 1
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Client Review

Let's read what our client, Mr Sanjay Garg has to say about the experience.

Mr Sanjay Garg

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Mr Sanjay Garg

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.