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Our Intention

An architecture firm in Delhi, founded in 2020, Epoch India strives to impact people through places. We envision spaces that will inspire people, innovate in their own domain and help them interact with one another, while enriching the human experience. We achieve this through objective translation of an objective problem to generate a suitable design solution through a medium of digital framework or system of parametric model.


Our Value Proposition

For aspiring individuals and public realm, who needs value and branded experience for their estate, Epoch India is an architectural, Interior Design and branding service delivering design that inspire, innovate and interact. Like any other architectural service but unlike any other, we aim for experiential, on time delivery.

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The escalating curiosity in the domain of architecture, and knowledge condition to be an entrepreneur have inspired me with an opportunity to innovate in architectural practice, founding Epoch India. My interest in the domain of computational design and the current scenario in India motivated me to inspire and educate individuals in this domain, which forms the basis on Epoch India Education.

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